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“Do you have the Chameleon Skills?”

Is now the time to grow your organisation by growing your people?

Is your organisation struggling to adapt to the changing landscape?

Do you feel it’s time for a change, but not sure what, or how much to change?

Are you under pressure or your people are not delivering?

Do your people lack chameleon skills?

Is conflict in the workplace impacting the performance of your team, and your organisation?

Don’t Settle For Less

Chameleon Skills Philosophy

Adaptability and agility are essential to the survival of any company in today’s rapidly changing world – from business processes to the way teams are structured, upskilled and how they tackle the challenges that arrive, every day.

Charge Forward

Multitasking and Multiskilling

Multitasking and multiskilling are essential for survival in the modern business world. Job descriptions are going the way of the dinosaurs as collaboration becomes key in the flexible and agile team. To keep pace with ever-changing environments, your business and your team need to learn ‘Chameleon Skills’.

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Chameleons possess an innate ability to read their environments and respond in intelligent ways, to keep themselves ahead of the curve. They are keen observers who think critically and know when to make a change – and how to do it. They inspire wonder because of their ability to adapt to shifting environments, despite being unable to fundamentally change what’s fundamental about them.



My interaction with you has left a lasting impression on my life. You have been a great source of inspiration and a catalyst for soul-searching. You may not realize how much you have come to mean to me. I will always remain grateful to you personally for all that you helped me learn.

As my coach Veronica played a key role in my growth and development over the past year. Her guiding and questioning discussions have pushed me to think further and dig deeper for solutions. This was my guide that got me through high pressure times and key to staying positive through it all. She has a great warm and positive energy that she projects outwards and it most definitely influences me in the same way during our sessions.

Initially somewhat reluctant to be coached, on meeting Veronica, I knew that her calm and non-judgmental demeanour would suit me well. I have been told that the sign of a good coach is that person’s listening skills and Veronica excels in this area. Always realistically positive and with a very good understanding of the way big business operates, her guidance has been invaluable.

I started working with Merlinda because I was feeling overwhelmed and unable to get around to doing everything I wanted to. I expected her to help me become better at time-management, but instead she helped me in a more fundamental way: she asked insightful questions that helped me to gain clarity, and to understand what it was that I needed to feel more in control of my life.

Given the corporate politics which during my time with Veronica seemed to reach fever-pitch, Veronica was left with the task of helping me make better strategic decisions and help me see through the murkiness.  I never felt during our sessions that she had forgotten anything important I may have said before and we were able to start each coaching session right where we left off the last time, with ease.

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