Does the thought of a blank canvas fill you with excitement or dread? 

For some, all that space to be used however they want can be liberating. For these people, thoughts run wild, and their creative juices flow. However, for others, that ample open space seems to be demanding something from them that they are not sure they can achieve. What is expected of them? Will it disappoint others or end up a mess?

Every day is a blank canvas. 

Effectively every day of the year offers us the opportunity to create a new day, a new way or a new future. Still, we often feel trapped in our everyday routines, comfort zones, and even discomfort zones. As a result, we can let the day slip away, followed by months and then a year or more.

A Time of Resolutions

January is the time of resolutions, most of which don’t make it to February; they are too big, too drastic or extreme. Yet, January can be the ideal time to decide where to go from here.

So, you have two options, maybe more! But, first, you need to find the option that speaks to you.

The Blank Canvas

A completely blank canvas that you throw your dreams onto like a vision board with no limitations on what can happen. The focus is creating a picture so strong that it inspires you to step out of your comfort zone and reach for the impossible because nothing is impossible. It just hasn’t happened yet! 

There is the opportunity for colour, images and words that do not have to make sense. Together, they weave a picture helping focus your attention and drive you forward. You are providing your own free-wheeling brainstorm, from which you can pick one or two messages that come through loud and clear.

A Road Map

You treat the canvas as a road map. Think of the destination, then place yourself firmly in the current reality (like a start here on a map). Work out the next stop on your route – the one habit, idea or action that would move you one step nearer to your destination. The only important fact is moving forward. It can be at a sustainable pace for you, providing success and celebrations along the way. There may even be a few U-turns and cul de sacs, but they provide learning and input to assist in the journey.

We would love to hear from you about other options to kick-start your 2022, making real and sustainable changes that will create your best year yet. We are offering a free coaching session to our four favourite responses.

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