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Chameleons possess an innate ability to read their environments and respond in intelligent ways, to keep themselves ahead of the curve.

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About Us

Chameleons possess an innate ability to read their environments and respond in intelligent ways, to keep themselves ahead of the curve. They are keen observers who think critically and know when to make a change – and how to do it. They inspire wonder because of their ability to adapt to shifting environments, despite being unable to fundamentally change what’s fundamental about them.

Your business is your business because you do what you do, well – those are your fundamentals and it’s important to stay true to your values.

Sometimes, like the chameleon, you need to think a little laterally and adapt your plan, your outlook and even your image to the way your industry is moving, in order to retain your place on the food chain. This means looking to the future, having a strategy and a plan.

Chameleon Skills

What We Do

You can paint a lizard a different colour, but that won’t make it a chameleon. What Chameleon Skills specialises in is equipping your business and your teams with the skills they need in order to adapt to repeated shifts in the landscape. What we do is help you access your chameleon – we help you find practical solutions in creative ways to empower you and your people to unlock the potential for sustainable change, so you’re free to focus on delivery, taking you one step closer to realising your organisational goals – and thriving!

By working with people who work with people, Chameleon Skills can also partner with your organisation to create the environment that you need to push your business to the next level!


Our Team

Leadership is no longer – top-down, but collaborative. Are you leading in the way of the modern business world – and is your team ready to be led in that way? Chameleon Skills can help you chart a course for success where agility, adaptability and flexibility become second-nature, so your business can thrive in a shifting field.


Veronica Wantenaar

Veronica Wantenaar has over 35 years of international business consulting experience, as well as more than 10 years as a qualified coach.

She works with Integral theory, Emotional Intelligence, Transactional Analysis and positive psychology to help individuals and groups to reframe their thinking and world view, opening their minds to new perspectives, building their resilience skills and working to understand how the brain works, as part of developing their self-management processes. She believes that her role is to help clients find their own path, so that they can build sustainable self-coaching mechanisms.

To that end, her focus is always on client objectives and helping them take their journey at their own pace, while aligning the objectives of the individuals, with those of the organisation to help individuals and teams move from surviving, to thriving.

Veronica is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and a member of several accrediting organisations, including Coaching and Mentoring South Africa (COMENSA – with which she holds several portfolios); The Association for Coaching UK; the South African Transactional Analysis Association, the Global Supervision Network; the International Coach Network and an International Ethical Coach with World Business Executive Coaches (WBECS).


Merlinda Abrahams

Merlinda Abrahams is dedicated to development, learning and helping people navigate change in their lives. She believes in partnering with those she works with, creating shared value and delivering work that has impact for individuals, teams, organisations and communities. Her work is informed by Integral Theory and Transactional Analysis and she places great emphasis on developing the ability to recognise the value of integrating all of the pieces into a well-rounded, balanced whole.

Having worked in the leadership and organisational development space, and had extensive experience in the NGO sector, corporate sector and government Merlinda’s expertise lies in her ability to identify her space in the world: to help others, in whatever their roles whether as leaders, parents or colleagues and successfully navigate the complexities of their lives.

When working with clients, Merlinda acts as their thinking partner, helping them to read their environments and work toward solutions that are relevant and practical; preparing them to be future fit and responsive to their changing worlds.

Merlinda is affiliated with the International Coaching Federation, Coaching and Mentoring South Africa (COMENSA) and the South African Transactional Analysis Association (SATAA).

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