Are you fuelled up and ready?

As we get nearer to the end of the year the word that we are hearing a lot is ‘energy’. The seasons are changing, so, depending on where you are in the world spring is turning to summer or autumn to winter.

That means our world is changing on an individual level as we adapt to the seasons and the climate around us, which has an impact on our energy and emotions, and in turn an impact on those around us in our families, teams, and communities. You may hear people around you talking about how tired they are, how life is a struggle, they need to just get to the holidays!

When we interact with other people, we can feel their energy. You know those friends who energise you and those who drain you. The things that you look forward to which make you put a spring in your step, those events, or meetings that you dread which pull you down. We tend to absorb other people’s energy. It is like the flu – it can be catching!

The fact is that we are human energy and like any other battery we need to be recharged if we are to perform at an optimum level.

How you are feeling will be transmitted out to others. It will be there in your body language, in your actions and in your words. I know that when I hear more negative thoughts and criticisms in myself it is an indicator that my positive battery level is running low.

I do not have the energy to care for myself and therefore less available to give to others. It is a sign that I need to take action to recharge my batteries. So often we are busy running on empty that we do not have the awareness to stop and reflect.

Are you aware of the impact that you have on those around you?

  • Do you light up a room when you walk in? Not because you are the party clown but because you give off a positive and optimistic vibe.
  • Do people seek you out to gain motivation from you? Not for insincere praise but for a reality check that helps them find a way forward in difficult times.

Just know that you are either providing a positive energy vibration or a negative one. The more we focus on the negative aspects of our situations and lives, the further we go on the downward spiral.

The more the negative energy seeps out and spreads over the things that we do and the people that we meet it compounds our problem by turning the environment around us into a negative space. It is a heavy weight to carry and if we don’t shake it off it can lead to depression and illness.

How do you get positive energy?

Every day we have the ability to make wonderful things happen, to spend time with the ones we love or to sit and reflect on our lives.

“Positive energy evokes more energy, more initiative, and more happiness.”

– Anonymous

It is about making positive choices! Your friends, your activities and your job can influence your thinking and your mood. Decide what energises you. It can be activities like walking, gym, dancing and exercise. Equally it could be sitting quietly reading a book, meditating, cooking or napping. Know that your good vibration will create positive responses in those around you.

What you give off comes back to you. Take responsibility for your own self-care. October was the month of mental wellness. Don’t let it be just one month in the year that you prioritise our own well being.

“Everything is energy – and all energy attracts similar energy.”

– Justin Perry

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