Chameleons are always changing!

The chameleon can change to meet the challenges that it faces, and find ways to become
comfortable in its environment.

At Chameleon Skills we take the same approach! We are constantly evaluating our ‘why, what and
how’ to check if we are still relevant within the systems that we inhabit.

We ask ourselves:

Why do we do what we do?

Why do we continue to learn and grow ourselves in the areas of change, coaching and facilitation?

The answer is that we are passionate about growth and developing potential for ourselves and
others. The growth mindset brings a more positive approach to challenges and more resilience in
the face of adversity, and allows us to adapt to a world that is constantly changing.
When the pandemic hit, our business was effectively wiped out as we were only operating about
10% online. We took a coaching approach to our problem and set ourselves objectives, areas where
we could have some control and offered help and support to others who were struggling to adapt.
That is part of our giving back (or forward) philosophy.

We then asked:

What do organisations need right now? Will that take them forward to where they want to go or is it
just a temporary fix?

What do teams need to thrive in the new hybrid world? How can they bring back a sense of
community and create psychological safety?

How can we support people in organisations and communities that are struggling with the many
challenges they face – physical, mental, financial, environmental?

How do we take coaching to organisations and individuals that would not normally have access?

We will continue to ask these questions. They inform us and our work and you can see some of our
latest thinking on our new website.

Why not go and check it out? See what we do and how we do it!!

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