Change & Seasons in 2022 (Spring or Autumn?)

September has always been an interesting month. It is recognised as a time of change. Wherever you are in the world something will be shifting. We don’t always consider what that really means outside of our own location.

Chameleon Skills is also an interesting space to be because we really see the change happening in our organisation. Merlinda is based in South Africa and I am based in England. We meet for business and strategy discussions every Monday and check in informally just about every day. The connection is as strong as when we both lived close to each other in Cape Town.

How we see change is in the obvious area of clothing. As September comes in, I start to move into the jumpers and hoodies, while Merlinda starts to look for the T-shirts and blouses. This is an outward sign that is obvious but there are the inner changes that can be so much more subtle. What do I mean?

September is Spring for some parts of the world. This is the time for the green shoots to appear above the ground. Psychologically it is a time of renewal and hope, and this can create a positive mindset, bring on new ideas and hope.

Where September is Autumn there can be the slowing down in expectation of hibernating for the coming winter. The days grow shorter and darker which can lead to people withdrawing indoors and falling into the doldrums (a state or period of stagnation or depression).

In fact, all of us have our own internal seasons; some line up with when we are born, and others just seem to happen to us without noticing. It is natural to have periods when we are feeling fresh and full of possibilities (Spring), or when we go out actively towards our objectives and feel energised (Summer). We then have periods when we are feeling tired, and we fall into the doldrums (Autumn), and we move into a space for rest, review and relaxation (Winter). Here we can gather our forces and prepare for the new cycle.

The doldrums tend to get bad press, but they are an important season for us all. They are often the place where we ask ourselves existential questions ‘Is this all there is?’, ‘Why am I not happy with my life right now?’, ‘Why am I tired?’ These questions indicate that there is a need to reflect and think about where we are and where we are going. These questions can be uncomfortable, and we may be faced with knowing there is a need for change but not wanting to face the challenge.

This is the point at which many of our clients come to coaching to assist them through this stage of reflection, allowing them to sit with their reality and in doing so gain new perspectives that take them through the Winter phase where they can prepare to make changes and move forward.

Where are you now in the seasons of your year?

You can come to coaching at any stage as it will provide you with the safe space to identify where you are and to see your way forward to a new, empowering season.

If you are the CEO or leader of your business, ask yourself what season your organisation is in now?

Organisations go through these seasons as well, and the doldrums prompts the asking of questions about direction and the future. Here you start to form ideas about growth and development and prepare for the change. If this does not happen, then the organisation can be on a downward spiral.

Chameleon Skills will assist you to identify your season and chart a new way forward that engages you and your people, whatever season they are in, and brings forth the much-needed new shoots that you can nurture and grow.

Take some time to identify where you are now and then contact us to discuss your next step.

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