2021 has been an interesting and challenging year on all fronts. The return to the old normal will not happen, and our new normal is still under construction. For many people, it has been a year of holding on, treading water, or just letting go of expectations and going with the flow. But, hard as it can be to see, lessons have been learnt this year and below you’ll find questions that will help you reflect.

Here we are in November, and the year is rapidly closing. We have a choice – to just hope it will be better next year and give up any thoughts of turning this into a significant year or decide to end it on a strong note. 

How Do You Do That?

You stop, breathe, and take stock.

What lessons have been learnt that you will take from 2021 and help make 2022 your best year yet?

Questions To Help You Reflect and End Strong

What were the challenges that you faced this year?

How did you overcome them?

Have you given yourself credit for surviving the pandemic craziness, for still being here?

What have you learned about yourself in this experience?

Are you a realist, a pessimist, or an optimist?

How has your view of your working world changed?

Has your view of yourself changed?

How did you manage to stay connected to friends and family?

Did you re-evaluate relationships in this time?

Did you reach out for support when you needed it?

What did you learn that you can live without or do with less of?

Did you learn a new skill or take up an old skill or hobby?

We will all have different answers to these questions, and there are no right answers! No one will have gone through the year and not been changed by it in some way. What is important is that we end this year focusing on the positive lessons and growth that we have achieved. 


Growth only occurs when we move out of our comfort zones, and 2021 was definitely not a comfort zone!

So you are a survivor, maybe a little battered and bruised, but still standing. That is cause to celebrate!

End the year strong by celebrating your new knowledge and insights and deciding what you want to take into 2022 and what you want to leave behind in 2021.

Chameleon Skills has finished strong!!!

If you want to take time out to do this review with us and to plan for 2022, just go to our website and book a free coaching session. You deserve it!

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