Energy costs are going up!

We are not talking about gas or electricity although they have been going up and now hopefully are going to come down a little.

We are talking about your energy and whether you are aware of its value, what feeds it and what depletes it.

The fact is that you do not have an unlimited supply of energy. There is a finite amount available to you every day. There is enough for everything you need and for you to be a high performer in different areas of your life. It is about taking control of your energy and its usage.

“Shift your Energy and Efforts from Uncontrollable to Controllable!”


There are two types of energy – often referred to as stillness and movement. Like the principle of yin and yang, you need to integrate the two energies to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Energy comes from nutrition. The oxygen we breathe mixes with the food that we eat and transports it to the cells where it is turned into energy.

You may think that you only expend energy when you are working or exercising but there is so much more! Walking, shopping, cooking and every day activities can burn up our energy. The term burnout has become very familiar to us all as running out of steam (energy) which can lead to physical and mental collapse. The recovery process can be slow and painful.

Stress and anxiety are major depleters of energy. Surrounding yourself with negative people or toxic situations drain your tank. Chronic stress is so depleting it is not possible to function at your best. So the harder you try the sooner you will fail!

Optimism, a belief that you can survive challenges and learn from them creates positive emotions that bring positive energy. Faced with challenges the sooner you can accept the reality, the sooner you release positive energy to come up with solutions.

How can you create more energy? You can’t so you can learn to conserve it and invest it wisely.
Routine tasks, things like cleaning your teeth, making tea and cleaning become automatic and do not need effort or energy. Where can you create more of these routines? They are all part of positive movement which is good for you. They leave lots of energy for other more exciting activities and work, for challenges and problem solving.

To create the balance, you need to find the silent time or rest space and you need to get the right amount of sleep. You may feel that you can cut down on rest, but the reality is that it is not sustainable and has a negative effect on your mental processing.

Take some time to reflect on your current activities and see if they are aligned with your overall goals and purpose. If you don’t know what they are, you should talk to a coach to help you create a vision of what you want more of in your life, ambitious practical goals create energy that drives you into positive action, which guides your use of your time and your energy in the right direction.

Know what energises you. For some people it is being with others and all about activity and interaction, for others it is the quiet spaces to reflect a recharge.

The reality is that you need both. You can control your use of time and energy to drive you towards your goal of a happier, successful and less stressful life.

“Positive thoughts, words, and actions create positive feelings. Positive feelings generate positive energy.”

Nozer Kanga

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