Evolving and Adapting

Evolving and Adapting

As ‘chameleons’ we are very proud of our ability to adapt to our changing world. We have a principle of staying relevant that we apply to everything we do. It means constantly asking ourselves questions like:

  • What do our clients really need now?
  • Will the current situation take them to the future that they want for themselves or their organisations?

We ask ourselves if we are heading in the direction that we want for our organisation and what do we need to change to do that.

We started a process of sharing our latest thinking through the development of our new website and the monthly blogs. We share our thoughts on topics that are current or reflect questions that we are being asked by our clients. These close relationships keep us informed and challenged and we enjoy partnering with others for our own growth. Every relationship leads to learning and insights and they in turn lead to change.

We created a Chameleon Skills logo about 4 years ago that reflected our view on change.

Can you see it? A lot of people thought the words were upside down – the chameleon at the top and the skills below.

However, “like the iceberg model” our belief was that the real work for change happens internally (below the line) where we question our current thinking, values, beliefs, and perspectives. In order to have new behaviours and ways of being we have to see the world differently, let go of past views that no longer serve us. We are all a product of our past and we need to become masters of our present to plan for the future.

Do the things that seemed to have served us so well in the past, help us or hinder us in moving forward now?

As we have moved forward in our thinking, we have focused more on the chameleon skills. Those skills that are essential for the future if we are to thrive in this ever-changing world. We need to be adaptable to changing circumstances, realistic in assessing the situations in which we find ourselves, removing the drama so we can focus on the facts, that enables us to make sound decisions which will move us forward.

So, our Chameleon Skills has flipped over, and you will see it mostly in the new form.

Here we believe the objective is to become more like chameleons and show those behaviours above the line. The skills below the line become the foundation for your new behaviours and underpin your approach to the world around you.

We do not forget the old. We still have the old logo as a memory of where we started, and we have great affection for it. It has brought us to where we are today but is not as digitally friendly for the world in which we find ourselves.

We encourage you (or your organisation) to look at where you started and to track your journey to the current time.

  • How much have you evolved and adapted along the way?
  • What are you still holding on to that is no longer serving you or relevant to where you want to go?

It takes courage to let go of the comfortable and familiar. Letting it go does not mean writing it off or
being negative about it. We make the best decisions we can with the information we have today. We
need to be open to making better decisions with the information we have tomorrow?

If you would like us to assist you in asking some relevant questions. Please contact us:
merlinda@chamelonskills.com or veronica@chameleonskills.com


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