Whether you lead yourself, a team or an organisation, every decision has consequences. Michael Harvey, organisational psychologist and author of Interactional Coaching: Choice-Focused Learning at Work, was the one that said leaders choose the future.

Whatever you choose, new possibilities will open up, and others will close down. It is like being at a crossroads where there are choices for the way forward; whichever road you take will move you forward towards a new destination. Is it the one that you want?


Many of our clients are inclined to overthink. They want to ensure a good outcome, and this can make them procrastinate in making decisions. They need to be correct, or they need to be safe. The reality is that they can’t rule out taking risks. Protecting what is may mean not being open to what is emerging, the possibilities – the future.

Taking risks

We don’t suggest you make snap, rash decisions and take unreasonable risks. That would not be good leadership. However, calculated risks can bring out the best in individuals and teams. It ignites positive energy and sees obstacles as challenges to overcome.

The Power of the heart

Often, we give too much power to our thinking. The brain intelligence tries to be logical and unemotional, which has its place. However, the reality is that we have a ‘brain’ in our hearts and our gut. These brains can be very powerful. Where there is passion (heart), people have built empires through their commitment and drive against all odds. Many Non-profit organisations are proof of that!

The Power of Intuition

We can follow our instincts when there is intuition (the gut). Our instincts are rarely wrong and drive action. We sense those we can trust, what is best for us, and, importantly, what we need to do (action).

Disrupting our beliefs

The challenge is that we were taught to believe the logical brain knows best; in a way, we give over all our power. But, as passionate, living beings, we can choose a different future. If we focus on what we love and want for ourselves, our families, organisations, and communities, then we use all our brains to help plan the best way to get there and how to overcome problems.

What does this mean for your organisation?

If you harness the power of individuals, gain their commitment, and give them a sense of purpose, they will bring all their brains too! So artificial intelligence has its place, but it cannot replace passion and commitment. As a leader, how you choose to lead will decide the future of the team and the organisation. So think wisely but think with all your intelligences.

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