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Often, when we talk about managing talent in an organisation, we think of the person’s skills and ability, but not the whole person. The ‘human resource’ term suggests that people are assets that need to be used productively by the organisation; therefore, it does not necessarily refer to the whole person.

Employing The Individual

Even when we create an organisational structure, we put the titles and skills before the people. It makes sense in delivery terms; however, the attitudes and characteristics of the individual aren’t taken into account. There is a saying, ’employ for attitude and train for skills’. That is why we sometimes get people who have the skills but don’t fit the organisation and its culture or have the capacity to deliver.

Many People Have Skills

Talent and skill sit within a person, and when you employ an individual in the workplace, you are taking on that whole person; they don’t leave part of themselves at the door. Managing talent in an organisation will make it one where people can be their full self freely.

Creating A Successful Organisation

Successful organisations have realised the importance of managing talent and understand the importance of creating a culture and environment where people can bring their wholeselves to work. Employees feel accepted without bias or prejudice. They can have a life outside work and a family too if they want. Taking the time to attend a doctors meeting or a school function are seen as usual and accommodated. Being present for long hours is not seen as a sign of dedication but rather an unbalanced life. The results can impact employee health and wellbeing, so they have adverse long term effects on their ability to perform.

Healthy employees build healthy teams and organisations. Managing talent in an organisation will mean they stay and work hard, giving their extra discretionary effort.

At Chameleon Skills, we work with people who work with people – we see people with their talents, challenges and possibilities. We can help you build a positive environment for individuals and teams to thrive and benefit the organisation. Can you imagine what working with a committed workforce could mean? Let’s talk.

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