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The Chameleon Skills team is built on collaboration with a group of experienced consultants from diverse backgrounds – including Marketing, Finance, Systems and HR – working together to help deliver positive, sustainable outcomes.

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For an opportunity to connect online with one of our coaches please book a slot in the calendar below. This coaching conversation could include personal development, challenges at work, transition and change but is not restricted to them.

Notes: Please leave us a note about your topic when you are booking an appointment. Once you have booked your session you will receive an acknowledgement with a zoom request.

“What an amazing coaching journey!  Not only did it benefit my career, but the influence stretched into my personal life as well.  Veronica created space for me to explore where my emotional blocks were and work out how to overcome them.  Not giving answers, but always subtly guiding my thinking. I would highly recommend Veronica; she brings calm to the chaotic day to day challenges faced by ambitious individuals striving for a holistic success outcome.”

Large Retail Organisation

Head of Operations and Customer Experience

I have been fortunate to have Veronica Wantenaar as my executive coach for the past 12 months. Veronica has been an influence on my leadership development , the way that I deal with conflict and complex people issues.

We have a huge team of graduates working in our company and Veronica has helped me through complex issues, her guidance and support has assisted in retaining this talented group of resources. Being people focused she has taught me that there is nothing more important than leadership driven with clarity and accountability.

Large Retail Organisation

Senior Planning Manager

I had the privilege of receiving coaching from Veronica over a period of eight sessions as I transitioned into my new work role. I experienced her highly professional behaviour in many ways; the three areas mentioned here stood out for me:

  • Her communication style,
  • How the coach and “coachee” relationship developed
  • Her consideration to commence the sessions 30 minutes earlier to engage with the usual formalities. This ensured each session was utilized to its’ fullest.

Her humility, gentle manner and connectedness in each session created a rich environment for reflection and action planning for my growth between sessions. As a “coachee” I developed the ability to allow myself to exist in the state of “doing my best was enough”, accepting perfection was not achievable and that was okay! Together with catching myself when thoughts of self-doubt arose, led me to the place of self-acceptance and a greater sense of self-confidence.

Veronica’s knowledge and skill as a coach made each session feel like a cup of tea with a friend. I always left feeling emotionally held and yet challenged to face my next developmental hurdle. For a coach to create this atmosphere is indicative of her years of experience. She could with ease draw on her theoretical knowledge, as an example mentioning relevant models to guide a particular challenge I was experiencing. More important was her ability to simplify the information for my application. 

The magnitude of the internal shift fueled by this process was life changing. I trust my synopsis will encourage you to embrace a coaching journey!

Large Non-profit organisation

Programme Director

I enjoyed the coaching experience with Merlinda so much. It was an effortless, but purpose driven process and I could see the results, which was very satisfying. We had honest discussions about the stuff that matters which allowed me to face the facts in a safe space. Merlinda is a skilled coach with a strongly grounded approach and gets you to your “better place”. I recommend her with pleasure.

Financial Services

Senior Manager,

The evidence of coaching having benefited me was the feedback from my peers. They voiced the difference and growth in my leadership. It is also through my process of coaching that I was promoted to operations manager. I value the sessions Merlinda and I had. They allowed me to grow in both my personal and professional life. I would recommend Merlinda as a coach to any of my peers or individuals that would like to be coached.

Financial Services

Operations Manager

I’m no longer overwhelmed in the way I was when I started seeing Merlinda; she steered me through the confusion and paralysis of being overwhelmed to help me discover what was important for me. Even beyond helping me achieve things, she helped to change my thinking to be more accepting of things that are out of my control and being proactive about the things that I could change!

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