December has arrived, and it is the holiday season and Christmas for many. It is a season of planning and giving gifts to others. It is the time to take a break from work and relax. There will be sighs of relief from having survived the challenges of the pandemic and the uncertainty and unfamiliarity of remote and hybrid working. So give yourself credit for surviving the pandemic craziness and for still being here.

Before you pack up the laptop and disconnect, we suggest that you PAUSE and reflect on some of the positives of 2021.

The year has brought the gift of slowing down our world and with that many other gifts have been revealed. Families have spent more time together at home and reconnected without so many outside distractions. Homeworkers have been more available to their families, the long commutes having disappeared. People have taken up baking, painting, home maintenance, online courses and rediscovered their creative sides. There will be strengths that you have used to deal with this challenge. You will have learned to adapt, even when it is painful.

Creating a list of the gifts that the year has brought prepares you for a more positive step into 2022, anticipating the new learning and gifts that a new year can bring.

From us, at Chameleon Skills, we wish you happy and safe holidays and look forward to connecting with you in 2022.

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