Over the years, many different names and styles have been promoted for leadership, servant leadership, authentic leadership, and values-based leadership. However, what is always required is a combination of leadership characteristics providing a role model for everyone in the organisation.

Currently, empathic leadership is prevalent due to the difficult time we have all had over the last 18 months. So if we unpack that idea a little, what are we talking about?

Whatever the title, we see the role of the leader as that of the Enabler.

Leaders and managers, many are both, must get their tasks completed. These people must do the work through the individuals and teams they’re responsible for as they cannot do it themselves. (Many managers forget this and take on work that does not belong to them.) They are accountable for the outcomes and goals set for the team. So logically, it is in their best interests to ensure that the team can deliver. You cannot have a successful leader without successful followers!

Removing Obstacles

When leaders see their role as less about control and more about enabling, they work with the team to focus on the goals. They actively look for the obstacles that may get in the way and see it as their role to remove, reduce or find a way around them, legally and ethically, of course! They will encourage open conversations about what is happening in the team and look for a solution-focused approach rather than blaming for tasks not achieved. Keeping a forward enabling system brings positive energy to the team. Obstacles turn into challenges that are tackled and overcome.

If you are an enabling leader, you will have a team that learns from challenges. The team will build the confidence to take on whatever comes their way. However, if you are not an enabler, you are likely, in fact, an obstacle—an obstacle to growth, motivation, and success.

At Chameleon Skills, we partner with leaders and teams to assist them in the enabling process. Contact us and have a free half-hour conversation about you and your team.

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